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We believe that Jesus is the core of our faith. We are a Catholic community where we can grow together and experience the love of Jesus and his saving grace. We welcome you, as you are.

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Gospel of the Day

Read the Gospel of the day for personal devotion, prayer and meditation; to prepare for mass or simply to enrich your faith each day.

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Faith Connections

Join one of our many faith sharing groups to meet others, learn about God and build faith connections.

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Faith Resources

Click here to discover faith resources that can help you grow deeper in your faith.


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Upcoming Events

The Chosen!

✽✽✽ Community Watch Party! ✽✽✽
Come together as a community to watch the captivating series on the life of Jesus! This powerful and moving series has been transforming lives of those people who have watched it and has been a global sensation!

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Faith & Family

Join our faith and family catechism program where your children will learn about their faith, meet new friends, prepare to receive their sacraments and families can participate in the life of the community.

Click the link below for all catechism updates!!

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