confirmation catholic

Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation opens the door that leads one to develop an adult faith (even if one is an adolescent), calling him or her to grow and cultivate a faith that is more mature and sound, strong and fearless.

The New Testament tells us that after Jesus ascended into heaven, he released the Holy Spirit who descended upon the Apostles, known as the feast of Pentecost. Filled with the Holy Spirit, the Apostles, in turn, prayed through the laying of hands for the release of the Holy Spirit upon the baptized.

For all disciples, past and present, to be confirmed is to receive a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit, whose real – and felt – presence is to help one develop, strengthen and manifest the spiritual gifts that were received through Baptism. Confirmation is intended to spark a true transformation of the person who receives it by conferring him or her with a divine power and light, enabling him or her to give witness to their Christian life with strength and wisdom in the world today.

To receive Confirmation is to be touched by the Holy Spirit, to be inspired and sent forth by Him, following Jesus and the first Apostles and disciples!