sacrament of marriage

Catholic marriage is a union of … three persons! Yes indeed, the spouses are not the only ones to pledge their love for the rest of their lives on their wedding day. God – that perfect Loving Being – also pledges to be present in a real way in the daily life of the couple, so that they can constantly draw upon his love and can love each other freely, totally, faithfully, without reserve, following the deepest longing of their hearts.

Planning your Wedding at our Parish - Where to Begin?

Contact the parish 8 to 12 months before the planned date of your wedding to make an appointment and set your wedding date. The parish office will review with you all the documents you will need and review the process with you. Part of the process includes both marriage preparation courses and meetings with the priest.

For more information on getting married, please contact our parish office at 514-648-9424.

Marriage Preparation

As a couple, it is important to know that marriage preparation is more about preparing for the rest your life rather than planning for a ceremony or celebration! The decision to marry is one of the most important decisions that anyone can make. Usually, couples marry because they have fallen in love, but learning to love, as opposed to being in love, takes a lifetime. Couples need instruction and practice in living skills – skills that are learned rather than intuitive. This marriage preparation program will provide couples with the opportunity to practice some of the skills necessary to have a successful marriage.

Our parish offers a 4-session marriage preparation program.
New session is beginning in February 2024!

Each session includes: 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass, lunch, talks and workshops.

For more information on our marriage preparation course, please contact Rosy and David Lombardi at [email protected]

The Money & Marriage Workshop - May 4, 2024.

A one-day Catholic workshop to help spouses (young, and experienced) get on the same page about finances and live in abundance.

When couples learn to better communicate around finances it can actually help them grow closer together and live a more meaningful and purpose-driven marriage.

Money is a deeply spiritual matter and this workshop will help couples understand the spiritual work they can do to achieve true abundance — greater joy, peace, security, integrity and healthy relationships.

In this daylong workshop, couples will learn:
– How to find common ground and stop the money fights.*
– What Scripture says about money and how it should be managed.
– How to get out of debt.
– How to heal past trauma around finances.
– How to maximize income and build an effective budget.
– How to dream together and make these dreams come true.
– How to answer the call to be witnesses of God’s abundant love.

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