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Our parish offers a Rite of ChRistian Initiation of Adults program called The Camino.

This program is intended for adults who are desiring to enter the Catholic Church (through the sacrament of baptism) and/or to receive the sacraments of initiation (First Communion, Confirmation).

If the Catholic faith interests and attracts you, know that there will always be a place for you in the Church, no matter what you ask, your life story, and even your inner wounds. Know that the Lord Jesus is the great healer of the wounds of the soul and the heart. He alone is able to go to the depths of the human soul to deposit the peace that surpasses everything.

If your heart is encouraging you to push forward, the first thing to do is to communicate with the leaders of The Camino program (Cathy Albano and Deacon Nick Giampaolo). Once this first step is taken, Cathy and Deacon Nick will meet with you and explain The Camino program. This program consists of individual accompaniment meetings and/or group catechesis. This preparation advances at a pace that respects the rhythm of each candidate during the course of about 6 months. Each step in your preparation is designed to help you deepen your Christian faith, that is, your personal relationship with the Lord.

It is important to think of the time taken in preparation for your baptism as a path on which you are ALREADY walking with Jesus, and so the first stepping stone – among many others – will be the celebration of your baptism. Rest assured; this path will lead to the growth and ripening of your faith, as well as a humanly rich experience.

In the Church’s tradition, adults preparing for baptism are called CATECHUMENS. Once their preparation is complete, the catechumens receive three sacraments: baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist (or first communion), usually during the Easter vigil, meaning the mass on the night before Easter Sunday. This magnificent night is an occasion to joyfully celebrate the beginning of your new Christian life.

confession church catholic

Each year, everywhere in the world, tens of thousands of adults dare to embark on the fascinating adventure of the Christian faith. An adventure that will allow them to develop a personal relationship with the most extraordinary person in human history: Jesus of Nazareth. A relationship that enriches their lives and fills their hearts beyond all their desires!

Are you ready to undertake this adventure? Come! Make the decision that will forever change your life FOR THE BETTER!

Our Camino team is waiting for you with open arms and open hearts!

Please contact Cathy Albano and Deacon Nick Giampoalo [email protected]